Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you know me? ... I'm your customer!

Sophisticated customer segementation and service differentiation is imperative to identify and proactively provide for the needs of your customers. The ability to indentify and know your customer as individuals is a ciritical business capability that will attract and reatin the new customer who already shows extremely low levels of loyalty. You must be able to work with your customers as individuals. Customer do not - in general - behave according to hard facts. They behave according to their experience of your business and products. This experience can only be made positive if a business takes the effort to know who their customers are and treat them with specific attention to their needs.

Extracted from Future Business: the game has changed, pages 32/33

Do you allow me, as I'm your customer?

Allowing customers advanced levels of self-service is non-negotiable. Self-service entails enabling customers to do things on your business platform by themselves and for themselves. Just as this blog spot allows. New customers are capable of helping themselves and they expect and increasingly demand it into the future.

So do you allow your customers?